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We offer many services not limited to just chimney cleaning. We also have extensive experience in masonry and tuckpointing repairs.We specialize in dryer vent cleaning,animal removal,roof and flashing repairs and chimney odors and downdraft problems are also diagnosed and corrected. Raincaps and damper installations are available as well.


Prices.....Spring 2019 

  • Fireplace cleaning with complete inspection and report.......starting at $109.50
  • Woodstove cleanings...... starting at $129.50
  • Raincaps installed.......starting at $149.50
  • Top damper system complete with raincap installed..starting at $450.00
  • Animal removal....varies job to job.
  • Dryer vents......starting at $109.50
  • Gutter cleanings....starting at $100.00
  • Tuckpointing.....varies job to job.
  • Furnace Flue cleanings.......starting at $109.50
  • Firebox cracks sealed or tuckpointed...starting at $50.00
           Free repair estimates with any cleaning or service.

Fireplaces should be inspected and/or cleaned annually. The buildup of creosote from the burning of wood can become flammable and create chimney fires. Have your chimney system inspected and cleaned and keep fire where it belongs,in the fireplace.